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Make Your Commitment To Quality A Well-Documented Fact. The IdentAlloy and IdentCeram program helps dentists and labs ensure that the quality of materials they’re using matches their own high standards and professionalism.

Make Your Commitment To Quality A Well-documented Fact

The IdentAlloy/IdentCeram program is a simple, no-cost way for you to document the content of restorative materials and further underscore your professionalism and commitment to the highest healthcare standards.

Dozens of today’s leading materials manufacturers and suppliers participate in the program. In each shipment to labs, they include a quantity of IdentAlloy or IdentCeram certificates attesting to the material’s source, brand and composition.

Dentists then request these certificates from their labs with every case. This gives them a document to use to confirm the case’s content, discuss its attributes with patients and file the details of that choice in patient and insurance records.

Due diligence has never been easier — or more critical

More than 20.5 million certificates were purchased in 2021, reflecting continually growing demand for materials verification, easier record-keeping and more effective risk management.

Materials manufacturers and suppliers qualify for the program only by agreeing to conform to rigid requirements for demonstrating  compliance with material specifications. This makes the certificates invaluable not only for labs and dentists but also for patients, insurers, legal experts, researchers and anyone else with a stake in materials quality.

Put the program’s high standards to work for you. Make sure you request the relevant IdentAlloy or IdentCeram certificate for material specified in each case.

See the list of manufacturers and suppliers who meet the program’s high standards

The Materials We Verify

IdentAlloy and IdentCeram certificates cover the leading alloy and ceramic dental restoration materials. Each certificate has two parts. The lab retains one in its case records and sends the other with the case to the dentist for review, patient education and filing in the patient’s records.

Each dental restoration material in the program has its own certificate bearing a unique identification symbol. These identify the specific alloy or ceramic category as established by the ADA Council on Dental Materials. Only materials in the program are permitted to use these symbols.

IdentAlloy certificates

IdentCeram certificates

How To Make The Program Work For You


  • Work with labs that include these certificates with every case, demonstrating their commitment to quality.
  • Use the certificates in discussions with patients about the benefits of the materials used in their cases.
  • Attach the certificate to your patient records to verify proper material selection and use, and to provide documentation for future treatments, insurance inquiries, legal defense, product recalls and other important needs.
  • Promote your professionalism and your careful choice of materials by featuring your participation in the IdentAlloy/IdentCeram program on your website and other marketing efforts as well.


  • Work with the leading manufacturers and suppliers who qualify for and have agreed to and abide by the high standards of the IdentAlloy/IdentCeram program.
  • Make sure the appropriate certificates arrive with each shipment of material from your suppliers.
  • Set up a system to ensure that for every case:
    • The lab copy of the certificate is peeled off the adhesive backing and attached to the case’s paperwork, and,
    • The dentist’s portion of the certificate is sent with the case to the dentist.
  • Promote your use of certificates as evidence of your commitment to quality. Strengthen your competitive edge by using your sales force, website, advertising and other marketing methods to educate dentists about the many advantages that your participation in the IdentAlloy/IdentCeram program offers.
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