Professionals today have hundreds of choices in dental restorative materials. And just one way to easily document the origin, content and ADA classification of those they select.

Dentists put a tremendous amount of thought and care into the choice of materials for crowns, bridges and other restorations. Long-term patient health and satisfaction are paramount. That’s why leading manufacturers and suppliers of dental alloys and ceramics from around the world have come together to support the IdentAlloy and IdentCeram certificate program. It provides dentists and labs with a free, easy way to verify and record the content of the restoration materials they select.

Labs obtain IdentAlloy or IdentCeram certificates at no charge with every order of material they receive from participating manufacturers and suppliers. Then they include the appropriate certificate with each case sent to dentists.

It’s simple, effective and efficient. And testimony to the quality of the companies who have voluntarily agreed to adhere to the high standards of the IdentCeram and IdentAlloy certificate program.

For Dentists & Labs

The IdentAlloy and IdentCeram program helps dentists and labs ensure that the quality of materials they’re using matches their own high standards and professionalism. Discover the benefits.

For Manufacturers & Suppliers

Industry leaders join the program to underscore their commitment to optimum patient outcomes while protecting their investments in technology and marketing.  What you’ll gain.

For Patients

Why your dentist is so careful about choosing and documenting materials for crowns, bridges and other restorations. Learn more.

More than 91% of dentists surveyed support the certificate program of the composition and ADA classification of the dental restorative materials they prescribe.

  • “The IdentAlloy and IdentCeram program provides the documentation that labs and dentists alike need to ensure patient health and streamline record-keeping.”

    Devon Howe, President/Director of CMP Industries, Albany, N.Y.