White Paper Highlights Key Role of Materials Verification in Risk Management Strategies

With continuing attention focused on ensuring the quality and content of dental restorative materials, a new white paper describes how an independent method of documenting the composition of these substances enables professionals to strengthen their risk management strategies.

Published by the non-profit IdentAlloy/IdentCeram Council, the paper also explains the free, independent program run by the Council to ensure materials documentation across the “chain of custody” from manufacturers and suppliers to dental labs and dentists.

“Ensuring that the proper material is being used in every case can have a significant impact on successful outcomes, avoiding biocompatibility issues and even bolstering legal defense – each an important component of a practice’s risk management profile,” notes Mark Murphy, DDS, FAGD and a member of the Council’s board of directors.

The paper also outlines side benefits to materials verification, such as improving record-keeping, supporting informed consent, demonstrating the standard of care, and streamlining insurance reimbursement.

The paper is available as a free download from the Council website, IdentAlloy.org.