Today, dozens of U.S. and Canadian manufacturers and suppliers take part in the IdentCeram/IdentAlloy program, ordering a record 23 million-plus certificates in 2016 alone. Though the standards for participation are rigorous, the process for joining the program is easy:

  • Download and read the Material-Content-Disclosure-Guidelines
  • Contact us for a Licensee Agreement. Read, sign and submit it to the Council along with the fee shown in Appendix 3.
  • Provide us with documentation regarding the content of your materials and information on your quality control system. ISO or CE Marked documentation will usually suffice.

Once we receive your documentation we will prepare proofs of certificates for your products and send them to you for approval. We will then print and send your certificates according to your instructions so that you can begin including them with every product shipped to labs or distributors.

The process normally takes just 3-4 weeks. You’ll also receive information on using IdentAlloy and/or IdentCeram certificates to the best advantage of you, the whole dental community, as well as dental patients.

Thank you in advance for your support of independent material content standards and verification. We look forward to helping you respond to the increasing interest today in dental material content and quality.