For more than 30 years, leading manufacturers and suppliers of dental restorative materials have participated in an independent materials certificate program developed in conjunction with the American Dental Association.

Through the IdentAlloy/IdentCeram program, manufacturers and supplier verify the content of their products by supplying certificates documenting product composition to distributors and dental laboratories. They, in turn, include them with every case sent to dentists, who can check them against the specification, show them to patients in explaining material choices and use them to back up inquiries from insurance companies and other interested parties.

Key benefits

By taking part in the program, you’ll:

How the program works

Manufacturers qualifying for membership in the program and agreeing to comply with its guidelines gain the right to distribute IdentAlloy or IdentCeram certificates with the products they supply to dental labs. The labs include these certificates with every case sent to dentists to verify the quality and content of the materials that were used. Dentists then use them to assure patients that the correct and most appropriate material is being employed, while also adding the certificates to the patient’s permanent record.