Dale Dental Certifies Fusion Laser Digital PFM Content

Labs ordering Fusion Laser digital PFM understructures from Dale Dental will now have the content of those restorations verified through the IdentAlloy/IdentCeram Council’s voluntary materials certification program.

Dale Dental has become the latest company to provide IdentAlloy certificates to dental labs as a way to ensure desired alloy property outcomes, simplify compliance and provide doctors and their patients with confidence in the material content of the restorations they received.

The appropriate IdentAlloy certification is provided free for each of the high noble, noble and predominantly-base ADA alloy classification Fusion Laser digital PFM alloys. The certification consists of a two-part sticker design permitting the lab and dentist to keep the documented alloy property information with their case, patient and insurance records.

“For us, achieving a high-precision fit in a digital PFM is just the beginning,” said David Lesh, CDT, President and Founder of the ISO-Certified Dale Dental and exclusive Fusion Digital PFM manufacturer and distributer for North America. “It is critical that we help our dental lab customers comply with state and federal laws whenever they use domestic lab-to-lab outsourcing for any part of their restoration. Dale Dental became the first dental lab to earn ISO 9001 certification, and providing IdentAlloy certifications for each Fusion restoration is another example of our commitment to quality.”

“We’re honored to have Dale Dental and Fusion Laser joining the long list of companies backing up their focus on quality with our materials certification program,” said Charles Yenkner, Executive Director of the IdentAlloy/IdentCeram Council. “As manufacturers, labs and dentists invest in new technologies, the importance of getting every case right the first time only becomes more important.”