CadBlu to Verify Content of Zirconia Products With IdentCeram Certificates

CadBlu Dental has become the latest company to help labs and dentists improve outcomes and patient communications by taking part in the IdentAlloy/IdentCeram Council’s program of material content certification.

CadBlu Dental provides digital manufacturing equipment and supplies for the production of crowns and bridges, orthodontics, and implants. Laboratories using the company’s branded and third-party zirconia blocks and disks will now receive free IdentCeram certificates attesting to their content. Both labs and dentists can then use the certificates to verify compositions, explain material choices to patients, document insurance claims and improve record-keeping efficiency.

“The purity of our zirconia line is second to none,” says Rich Motto, President and CEO of CadBlu. “We’ll now be using IdentCeram certificates to document our quality all the way from our warehouses to the lab to the patient and the dentist’s record system.”

“CadBlu is on the cutting edge of dental technology today,” said Charles Yenkner, Executive Director of the IdentAlloy/IdentCeram Council. “By taking advantage of the Council’s program, CadBlu is underscoring its commitment to innovation, integrity and patient health.”

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